Indian Society of Remote Sensing (ISRS)- Ludhiana Chapter
(Best Chapter- Award 2015)
established in 1969

About ISRS

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Indian Society of Remote Sensing (ISRS) was established in 1969 as "Indian Society of Photo-interpretation" with the main objective of advancement and dissemination of remote sensing technology and education by conjunctive use of remote sensing with conventional mehods in the fields of survey, planning and management of natural resources and environment by organising seminars/ symposia and by publishing journal, bulletins, proceedings, etc. From its modest beginning with 56 members, the Society has grown into a premier professional body with a membership of over 3700, including both individual and Institutional members. The Journal of the Society, JISRS, a quarterly publication, is the only journal in the country exclusively dealing with remote sensing technology and its applications. The Society has been organising annual conventions and national symposia regularly since 1981, giving opportunities to the remote sensing community in the country to present their papers and discuss the problems and methods of applications of remote sensing in development and management of resources. Remote Sensing has been universally recognised as a highly effective and extremely versatile technology for evaluation and management of natural resources and environment. With the advent and advancement of Geographic Information System (GIS), the concept of multidisciplinary integrated approach got an impetus in monitoring and management of resources and environment. Realising this in recent years ISRS is giving emphasis on application of integrated approach for solving various types of real world problems related to resource management, environmental assessment and disaster management.

Aims and objectives of the society

Web Link :- Aims and objectives of the society

  • To help towards advancement, dissemination and application of the knowledge of Remote Sensing technology, which is deemed to include photo interpretation, photogrammetry, aerial photography, image processing, and other related technologies in the field of survey, planning and management of natural resources and other areas of application where the technology is considered to be appropriate.
  • To promote interaction among all persons, bodies, institutions (private and/or state-owned) and industries interested in achieving advancement, dissemination and application of the technology.
  • To encourage and undertake research in remote sensing and related technologies.
  • To undertake and execute all acts which shall promote all or any of the aims and objctives of Society.

How to become member

  • For becoming a life member or annual member one has to fill the prescribed membership form or one can apply online through the link
  • Membership fee

    Life membership fee = Rs. 3,000/- (person below 45 years of age)
                                       Rs. 2,500/- (person above 45 years of age)
    Annual membership fee for one year= Rs. 500/-

Executive Council of Ludhiana Chapter of ISRS for 2020-2022

Sr. No.


Name & Designation



Dr. Brijendra Pateriya, Director, Punjab Remote Sensing Centre, Ludhiana



Mrs. P.K. Kingra, Professor, Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana



Dr. R.K. Setia, Scientist, Punjab Remote Sensing Centre, Ludhiana



Mr. S.K. Sahoo, Scientist, Punjab Remote Sensing Centre, Ludhiana



Dr. S.S. Hassan, Associate Professor, Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana



Ms. Reenu Sharma, Scientist, Punjab Remote Sensing Centre, Ludhiana



  • Dr. Som Pal Singh, Professor, Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana
  • Dr. Bharat Bhushan Vashisht, Soil Physicist, Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana
  • Er. (Mrs.) Nidhi Batta, Senior Soil Conservation Officer, Govt. of Punjab, Ludhiana
  • Mr. Sagar Taneja, Research Fellow, PRSC, LUDHIANA

Major achievements

  • Best Chapter Award 2015
  • Organised a Regional Seminar on geospatial technology in Natural Resource Management (March 2015)
  • Organised lectures on geospatial technology for school children in the rural areas of Punjab
  • Activities to popularize remote sensing based maps and spatial information available under SIS-DP and Bhuvan in the rural areas of Punjab
  • Celebration of World Environment Day and Remote Sensing Day
  • Organised lectures on scientific and technical writing for young scientists

Proposed Activities during 2019 -20

  • Celebration of Remote Sensing Day by involving the students of colleges in the cities near to Ludhiana
  • Awareness Programme at different Schools of Punjab.
  • National Conference “BIG GEOSPATIAL DATA: ANALYTICS, MODELLING & APPLICATIONS (BiGMAP)” September 25-26, 2019.
  • International Conference in the year 2020.

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"Our Quality Policy specifies the Degree of Excellence as all activities of the Punjab Remote Sensing Center(PRSC) will be carried out in a systematic manner in accordance with define and documented Policies and Procedures, meet applicable legislative requirements, be visible and auditable, and meets the needs of stackholders, learners and staff."

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