Our Team

1. Dr. Brijendra Pateriya Ph.D. (Geology)
1. Dr. V. K. Verma, Scientist SG Ph.D. (Agril. Chem. & Soil Science)
2. Dr. Anil Sood, Scientist SG Ph.D. (Soils)
3. Dr. D.C. Loshali, Scientist SG Ph.D. (Botany - Forest Ecology)
4. Dr. Ajay Mathur, Scientist SG Ph.D. (Remote Sensing)
5. Dr. (Mrs.) Minakshi, Scientist SF Ph.D. (Organic Chemistry)
6. Dr. R. K. Setia, Scientist SE Ph.D
7. Sh. Harpinder Singh, Scientist SD M.Tech. (Information Technology)
8. Sh. Sashikanta Sahoo, Scientist SD M.Sc. ( Geology & Geoinformatics)
9. Mrs. Reenu Sharma, Scientist SD M.Tech(Urban Planning) & M.Sc.(Geography)
10. Dr. Shashikant Patel, Scientist SD Ph.D
11. Ms. Amanpreet Kaur Benipal, Scientist SC M.Tech. (RS&GIS)
12. Dr. Mohit Arora, Scientist SC Ph.D. (Applied Geophysics)
13. Dr. Koyel Sur, Scientist SC Ph.D (Remote Sensing and GIS)
14. Mrs. Aarti, Scientist SC Masters of Engineering (ECE)
15. Sh. Sumit Kumar, Scientist SC M.Tech. (Geomatics)
1. Sh. Navish Kumar Account Officer
2. Sh. Sandeep Singh Personal Assistant
3. Mrs. Manju Sharma, Lab Technician M.Sc. (Hons.) in Environmental Science
4. Sh. Amardeep Singh, Assistant Programmer M.Tech & B.Tech in Information Technology
5. Sh. Bahadur Singh, Lab Attendent Matric
6. Sh. Hoshiar Singh, Lab Attendent Matric
7. Mr. Paramjit Kumar, Lab Attendent(IT) M.Sc. (Information Technology).
8. Mr. Ashok Kumar Driver
9. Sh. Mohinder Yadav Chowkidar and Mali
10. Mr. Rajinder Singh Chowkidar and Mali
11. Mr. Rama Kant Chowkidar and Mali
12. Mr. Sandeep Kumar Chowkidar and Mali
 Project Staff - 40

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PRSC Quality Policy

"Our Quality Policy specifies the Degree of Excellence as all activities of the Punjab Remote Sensing Center(PRSC) will be carried out in a systematic manner in accordance with define and documented Policies and Procedures, meet applicable legislative requirements, be visible and auditable, and meets the needs of stackholders, learners and staff."

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