Geo Data Anaytics, Research and Modeling (AI, ML, IoT, Data Science & Analytics) Group

  • Advanced Research, Analyses and Modelling of Organic Carbon
  • Precision Agriculture using Fusion of Proximity Sensors and Geostatistical Modelling
  • Predict Soil and Water Quality from Multi-spectral and Hyper-spectral Imagery using Machine Learning Techniques
  • Government Applications of Geo-spatial Technology for Optimal Planning on Natural Resources and Cultural Assets
    Geo-Informatics & Information Technology Solutions Group

  • Geological and structural analysis
  • Ground water exploration and Hydrochemistry
  • Monitoring and mapping of changes in river courses and river bank erosion
  • Geological mapping for mineral deposits using hyperspectral data
  • Engineering geological Survey for infrastructural development
  • Land subsidence mapping using SAR Interferometry
  • Flood inundation mapping and monitoring using microwave remote sensing
  • Watershed and Irrigation water management using RS and GIS
  • Mapping, monitoring and modeling of hazards and risk analysis.
  • Mapping and monitoring of natural and man made wetlands.
  • Assessment and monitoring of surface/sub-surface water quality.
  • Development of spatial decision support systems (SDSS) for various user departments.
  • Development of Web-GIS applications.
    Geospatial Resource Mapping and Applications Group

  • Forest mapping and monitoring
  • Forest cover change analysis
  • Land use/cover mapping.
  • Change detection.
  • Mapping and monitoring of Wastelands
  • Land Resource Inventory, Characterization & Land Use Planning
  • Wetland Ecosystem studies and monitoring
  • Integrated resource studies for watersheds and their monitoring
  • Delineation and monitoring of degraded lands (dunes, soil salinity/alkalinity,water logging, soil erosion)
  • River Conservation and rejuvenation
  • Land transformation studies
  • Soil resource mapping and land capability classification
  • Soil-site suitability analysis for different crops
  • Base map preparation of planning areas for master plan and sector plan finalization
  • Single property mapping
  • Utilities mapping
  • Infrastructure mapping
  • Urban sprawl mapping
  • Administrative boundary demarcation
  • Identification of suitable sites for setting up of various facilities
  • Temporal land use changes
  • Urban density mapping
  • Registry rate fixation for urban properties (collector rates)
    Space Technology based Agriculture & Farming Support Group

  • Impact of climate change on agro-ecosystems
  • Crop growth monitoring and production Forecasting
  • Cropping system analysis
  • Watershed monitoring and management
  • Action plans, suitability analysis, multi-criteria analysis, change detection
  • Disaster management
  • Soil health card
  • Site-specific nutrient management
  • Precision farming
  • Soil fertility and quality evaluation
  • Agricultural drought assessment and monitoring
  • Development of decision support system for early warning
  • Training, capacity building based on both request as well as need of user departments.
  • Awareness programmes to promote RS and GIS in the State.

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"Our Quality Policy specifies the Degree of Excellence as all activities of the Punjab Remote Sensing Center(PRSC) will be carried out in a systematic manner in accordance with define and documented Policies and Procedures, meet applicable legislative requirements, be visible and auditable, and meets the needs of stackholders, learners and staff."

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