PRSC Organize Six Weeks/Six Months/One Year Training Programme for IT Intern/Trainee.

Punjab Remote Sensing Centre (PRSC)
On-Site IT intern/Trainee Programme for a Period of 6 weeks/6 months/ 1 year on Android Application Development.


PRSC offers Six Months paid Android training which imparts the knowledge and skills to take on the Android world. The trainee will go through the fundamentals of Android application design. Starting with the demonstration of the IDE’s, the training takes you through android development tools such as AVD and ADB.This training will increase your competency by facilitating hands-on exposure with Android application development and Google Web service. Throughout the course, the learner will come across real time examples which can serve a strong foundation while working on live projects.  Course Content  Topic Covered
1. Module 1:
Refreshing Java

• Introduction to Java
• OOPs Concepts
• Abstract class & Interface
• Exception handling
• Multi-threading(Thread class & Runnable Interface)
• Collection Framework

2. Module 2:
Introduction to Android

• Why Android?
• Android Run Time
• Android Studio
• Introduction to Gradle

3. Module 3:

• Basic Building blocks – Activities, Services, Broadcast Receivers & Content providers
• UI Components- Views & notifications
• Components for communication -Intents & Intent Filters
• Android API levels(versions & version names)

4. Module 4:
Application Structure

• Android Manifest
• uses-permission
• Activity/services/receiver declarations
• Resources &
• Layouts & Drawable Resources
• Activities and Activity lifecycle

5. Module 5:

• Launching emulator
• Editing emulator settings
• Emulator shortcuts
• Logcat usage
• Introduction to Android Device Monitor (ADM)
• File explorer

6. Module 6:
Basic UI design, Styles & Themes
  • Form widgets
  • Layouts
    • RelativeLayout ,TableLayout, FrameLayout, LinearLayout, Nested layouts
    • styles.xml
    • drawable resources for shapes, gradients(selectors)
    • Style attribute in layout file
  • Alert Dialogs & Toast
  • Images and media
7. Module 7:

• Option menu And Action Bar( menu in action bar)
• Context menu and contextual action mode
• menu from xml and via code
• Popup menu

8. Module 8:

• ArrayAdapters ,ListView ,Custom listview and ListActivity
• GridView using adapters
• Android Session and Session management

9. Module 9:
Content Providers

• SQL ,DML & DDL Queries in brief
• SQLiteDatabse ,SQLiteOpenHelper
• Cursor , SQLite Programming

10. Module 10:

• Toast, Dialogs, Tabs, Animated popup panels, Grid view, Spinner, Thread.
• AsynTask, XML Parsing, Android JSON parsing using Volley
• Accessing Phone services(Call,SMS)
• How to create REST API for Android app using PHP

11. Module 11:

• SQL ,DML & DDL Queries in brief
• Introduction to fragments, Fragments Life Cycle, Fragments in Activity
• Google Maps V2 using Fragments
• Develop Fragment based UI designs (Fragment Tabs,ListView etc.)
• Location based Services
• Network connectivity services

12. Module 12:
Live Project

• Work on Live application projects


 Purely Android training
 Working on latest technology.
 Interested Students can take part in the R & D of Web GIS Application
 Exposure to remote sensing and GIS.
 Exposure to spatial objects.
 Job Opportunities.
 Students will benefit by getting industrial exposure and will help them in their final year placements.

Note: We may absorb trainee candidates based on their performance if required and we update the database of trained candidates and it will be shared among IT companies whenever we receive inquiries from outside the consortium.

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