Punjab Remote Sensing Centre (PRSC), an autonomous organisation under the Department of Agriculture, Government of Punjab, is the apex body in the state for all Remote Sensing (RS), Geographic Information System (GIS) and Global Positioning System (GPS) and related works. It is designated as a Nodal Agency by the Govt. of Punjab for geospatial needs of the state and also acts as the centralized hub for the geo-spatial data to all the user departments.

PRSC has been setup under the umbrella of National Natural Resources Information System (NNRMS) under the technical guidance of ISRO NNRMS.

About NNRMS:

A unique system called National Natural Resources Information System (NNRMS) has been set up to optimally manage country’s natural resources using Remote Sensing and conventional techniques. State level Remote Sensing Application Centres (SRSAC) have been set up under the technical guidance of ISRO NNRMS to carry out Remote Sensing application projects for their particular state/region. Under the aegis of NNRMS, large number of projects have been carried out by ISRO and SRSACs at National/Regional/Local levels. Particularly, ISRO DOS has taken specific initiatives through respective State/Governments to see that necessary manpower and infrastructure is established to use space technology at State level. This has helped many States to establish State Remote Sensing Application Centres which cater to all natural resources related applications for developmental purposes.