PRSC Organize Six Weeks/Six Months/One Year Training Programme for IT Intern/Trainee.

Punjab Remote Sensing Centre (PRSC)
On-Site IT intern/Trainee Programme for a Period of 6 weeks/6 months/ 1 year on Web Application Development.

About Dot Net Training Programme

PRSC offers Six Months paid training program in IT field to make students capable of working on the live projects. The Main objective of our ASP.NET industrial training Program is to provide the IT graduates with practical exposure to ASP.NET we will help students to gain expertise and extensive knowledge in the emerging and latest ASP.NET technology. We have design the.NET training course while keeping in mind the current industry requirement.  Course Content  Topic Covered
1. Module 1:
.Net Framework
• Introduction to .Net Framework
• CLR Architecture and Services
• MSIL and Disassembling
• Framework Class Library
2. Module 2:
• Introduction to C#
• Data types and control statements
• Arrays and structures
• Implementation of OOPs Concept
• Exception Handling
• Events and Delegates
• Generic and collection
• File Handling
• Multithreading
• Memory Management
• Reflection
• Windows Forms and controls
3. Module 3:
SQL Server
• Introduction to database
• Getting started with sql server
• Mastering SQL queries
• Mastering Pl/SQL construct(cursor, Procedure , function and triggers)
4. Module 4:
ADO .Net
• Ado .net architecture
• Dataset, connection & commands
• Data Render and data view
• Schemas & Transactions
5. Module 5:
ASP.NET & Advance Topics
• Introduction to ASP.NET & Web Forms
• Html & Server controls
• Form validation
• State Management
• Master Page and Caching
• Web Services
• Ajax with ASP.NET
• Security and Internationalization
• Networking
• MVC Architecture
6. Module 6:
Live Project
• Work on Live application projects


 Purely .Net training
 Working on latest technology.
 Interested Students can take part in the R & D of Web GIS Application.
 Exposure to remote sensing and GIS.
 Exposure to spatial objects.
 Job Opportunities.
 Students will benefit by getting industrial exposure and will help them in their final year placements.
 Exposure to other supportive languages like HTML, CSS, Jquery, SQL, LINQ etc.

Note: We may absorb trainee candidates based on their performance if required and we update the database of trained candidates and it will be shared among IT companies whenever we receive inquiries from outside the consortium.

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PRSC Quality Policy

"Our Quality Policy specifies the Degree of Excellence as all activities of the Punjab Remote Sensing Center(PRSC) will be carried out in a systematic manner in accordance with define and documented Policies and Procedures, meet applicable legislative requirements, be visible and auditable, and meets the needs of stackholders, learners and staff."

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